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Gauges arrived.

Our custom Speedhut gauges arrived and they look pretty sweet.  I must say that this is one of the highlights of this build. Feels like Christmas with all the red!



Pantera, Redline software up and running

Boom!  Got the software that Lance shipped installed and setup to pull data from the Redline ECU.  This is another huge step for us. We are now set to go deeper and get the cooling system worked out.  

​Some time ago we picked up an old ToughBook to use with the car.   Lance’s install disk comes with the necessary FTDI drivers to do the USB to serial port setup. 

Redline software pulling live data off the car.

Our dedicated Toughbook.

USB to serial cable



Running again.

After the fuel tank cleanup, replaced injectors, and sending unit mods, she’s back running.

Next is to get some road testing under our belt for the cooling system.




Fuel injectors are expensive!

Getting started with clearing up the fuel system.  First up, new injectors.  For folks considering the Redline Engine Management system, the injector connectors supplied with the harness will require you to grind down the nubs on the injectors to fit properly.

Denso 297-0010 Injectors for EZ30R

They have been installed and we have the car running again!




Determining the year of JDM Subaru engines

If you are doing a Subaru conversion (Subaru engine into a VW), you’ll see many Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) engines available.  Many times these engines will be listed as a range.

Here are some EZ30 engines on eBay as an example:

(It still amazes me that you can buy 280-300HP for under $1,200)

So if you look at the listings above some will have a date range for that model engine.  The last listing shows an EZ30R with date range 2003-2006.  So if you are interested in that particular engine how do you tell what year it is?  From what I’ve found there are no year markings on the case, for example.
Some time ago I ran across an obscure forum entry that said Subaru prints the build month and year on the inside of the oil cap!   

So lo and behold, I checked the inside of our EZ30R’s cap and it shows:

Which we’re interpreting as a motor built in July 2005.   I don’t think many JDM sellers know about this. It’d be trivial to swap caps, for example.  But if you’re picking up an engine off eBay, you may want to ask.  



ECU Plan B

We’re moving to Plan B for the ECU.  The guys at Redline don’t appear to have the time or resources to figure out the Subaru trigger wheel.   The issue is with the crank position sensing ability of the map in the Redline unit.   The car does run with the ECU once it syncs but it’s a long, battery draining process as the ECU struggles to find its place.   But it seems to run very well when it all syncs up:

As mentioned in a previous post, Plan B is to get the evenly spaced trigger wheel (with missing sync teeth), pull the motor, install and remap to a known/proven config.   If all goes well, we’ll be back up and running in about a week.  After that, we’re finally shipping the Basilari home for the more cosmetic work!

Other videos:



ECU Programming and Running Engine

Well, we got the engine running – sort of.. We have some early problems getting it to fire at first due to the ECU not being able to recognize or deal with the stock Subaru trigger wheel (Subaru calls it a crankshaft plate – see pics below).  Kevin usually specs an aftermarket trigger wheel from Outfront Motorsports with uniform teeth.   The stock Subaru trigger wheel has a non-uniform pattern of pulse teeth and this is the essence of the problem we’re dealing with.  We needed to get the Redline ECU to understand this stock wheel.

Kevin and the gang over at Redline worked together to get support for this Subaru trigger wheel.  I found a few diagrams online showing the tooth pattern of the Subaru wheel.  I also found a pulse pattern graph and mocked up a tooth count for my own understanding.   I plan to do some software tinkering when I have the chance as the latest Redline ECU’s now have the ability to data log everything.  Data and software I get – wrenches, not so much. :)

Below are the images I found related to our situation.


Stock Subaru trigger wheel (EZ30R)


Subaru crankshaft diagram.


So the car starts after prolonged cranking as the ECU struggles to get in sync.  Once synced, it runs:

Longer version:

So our next step is to get another update from Redline that should have consistent, reliable and spot syncing with this wheel.    Once done, we should be moving on to the body work phase!



air intake work..

First round work on the air intake.. looks massive..






Exhaust work

Today Kevin sent a few pics of the exhaust work.  Welding will be finished and then it’ll be sent out for Titanium-color heat coating.

Underneath the car looks great.  On top, not so much. :)




Cooling system, plumbing completed..

Kevin did an awesome job on the plumbing for the cooling system.  The system will be disassembled shortly for powder coating.



Body, engine and radiator fitment.

Great updates today!  Kevin did a preliminary mock fitting of the body on the chassis with the radiator and motor.  It’s starting to look like a real car.



Engine, transaxle and radiator mounted!

It’s starting to look serious!!  Exhaust build/fitment work up next.



Preliminary engine work.

The heart of the beast is starting to take shape.



Build update..

Lots of updates today:


  1. Motor.John at Outfront Motorsports is working on the motor.  He performed a preliminary cylinder leak down test on all cylinders and the motor came in at 2%!  A leak down test measures the amount of air needed maintain pressure within a static cylinder.  Good readings come in around 5-8%.  Seems like this engine hasn’t reached its break-in period.  This is all very, very good news.  John and I decided to go with the new AEM ECU (which supports the Subaru AVCS) but it’s still in beta and he will be prepping the motor to run with an existing harness setup. We’re not doing any cosmetics at this time.
  2. Brakes. The race disc brake kit has been ordered from Airkewld. Pete tells me that they should ship in about a week and half. 4-piston wilwood calipers up front and 2-pistons in the rear.  The rotor bolt pattern is 5 x 114.3 (see wheels below). The only problem I foresee with these is that they don’t have a mechanism for the e-brake setup. The e-brake will be required for state inspections here in Virginia.
  3. Transaxle.  SubaruGears said that the transaxle should be complete by Monday and he’ll ship sometime next week, so we should have it in 2.5 weeks at the latest.
  4. Wheels.  I have found two wheel types that I like. Both are 17×7 with with 5×114.3 bolt pattern. Finding 17″x7, 5×130 wheels that I liked was nearly impossible (everything that I loved was only 18×8.5) so based on Airkewld’s advice they will ship the rotors with the more popular 5×114.3 pattern.  I remember the old school Momo five spokes back in the day.

Now – which do you like better? Some quick and dirty mockups with Photoshop: