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The Basilari 306R chassis featured at Hot VWs Drag Day

First public showing of the Basilari 306R (well, the chassis at least) and apparently, the chassis was a hit! Kevin said that his booth had visitors checking on the chassis all day long. Photos below!

The Drag Day is an event held twice a year in Southern California. Since we brought this event back just over 10 years ago, it has been a tremendous success.”



Chassis assembly – coming together..

Good updates received today.  The Redline ECU was delivered.  All parts have returned from powder coating and Kevin has installed the radiator frame and coolant pipes.   The motor was re-bolted to the transaxle as well.   The car is really, really coming together although we still have a long ways to go.

Next up – kafer bars, completion of the starter system, ECU installation, fuel system and finding some cheap tires.



Back from powder coating

More suspension and brake parts have arrived back from powder coating.   I haven’t talked to Kevin for about a week – been super busy at work.  The roll cage and the kafer bars aren’t shown and I’m not sure if they are back yet.  It’s very cool seeing this car come together – back to work for me though. :)

Kevin scooped me and posted these on The Samba with this pics – enjoy..



Silver chassis and clutch access panel.

Another quick update:

1. The chassis has returned from powder coating.  It’s two powder coat layers – one silver and the other clear.

2. The second photo shows the access panel for the hydraulic clutch system.

This chassis is going to really pop when the dark red suspension components return from powder coating.  We’ll try to hold off on updates until we get some significant progress on the chassis.



Mendeola chassis/body fitment

Mendeola testing the body/chassis fitment.   It actually looks like a real car in the picture of the shop.  Kevin also put both seats in the car to see how they looked.   Still too big.