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Tire/wheel sizing tool.

The whole tire/wheel sizing thing got to be real complicated for this build.  At this point we’re looking at a set of 18 inch wheels and needed to do some preliminary sizing work.    So, after an hour or so tinkering around in Excel we came up with the attached tire/wheel sizing calculator tool.   You can put in a target size at the top and then try to “solve” for your tire/wheel combination.   So we’ve got the rough dimension work out of the way but we’re still going to need to determine our optimal offsets and such.

We’ve uploaded the tool so that others can use it for testing.   Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like (click the graphic to download):

Tire-sizing-sheet Tire/wheel sizing calculator (Excel).

This could help some other build projects out there.  If you find it useful, let us know and we’ll link to your project!