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Ghia custom dash/console mock up – Part 2

Part 2 of the custom dash and console work.  CJ took the cardboard mockup and made a metal version as shown below.   As with most new things, one may not be too sure of how ideas manifest in real life but, this is a very, very slick modification to the stock Karmann Ghia dash.  When inside the car, it brings a certain gravitas to the car that makes it feel very modern.  It has become the centerpiece of the interior at this point and I like it very much.  Can’t wait to see it closer to completion.  May try to get a picture with all the gauges set in place!

The start of going from cardboard to metal.
Underneath the “new” dash. Those speaker holes came with the car. Not sure if we’re going to use them or not.
Rough install of the custom dash/console. The three gauge holes have yet to be cut in.
Different angle.  You can see the double DIN cage in place.

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