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Build update..

Lots of updates today:


  1. Motor.John at Outfront Motorsports is working on the motor.  He performed a preliminary cylinder leak down test on all cylinders and the motor came in at 2%!  A leak down test measures the amount of air needed maintain pressure within a static cylinder.  Good readings come in around 5-8%.  Seems like this engine hasn’t reached its break-in period.  This is all very, very good news.  John and I decided to go with the new AEM ECU (which supports the Subaru AVCS) but it’s still in beta and he will be prepping the motor to run with an existing harness setup. We’re not doing any cosmetics at this time.
  2. Brakes. The race disc brake kit has been ordered from Airkewld. Pete tells me that they should ship in about a week and half. 4-piston wilwood calipers up front and 2-pistons in the rear.  The rotor bolt pattern is 5 x 114.3 (see wheels below). The only problem I foresee with these is that they don’t have a mechanism for the e-brake setup. The e-brake will be required for state inspections here in Virginia.
  3. Transaxle.  SubaruGears said that the transaxle should be complete by Monday and he’ll ship sometime next week, so we should have it in 2.5 weeks at the latest.
  4. Wheels.  I have found two wheel types that I like. Both are 17×7 with with 5×114.3 bolt pattern. Finding 17″x7, 5×130 wheels that I liked was nearly impossible (everything that I loved was only 18×8.5) so based on Airkewld’s advice they will ship the rotors with the more popular 5×114.3 pattern.  I remember the old school Momo five spokes back in the day.

Now – which do you like better? Some quick and dirty mockups with Photoshop:

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  1. I like the Black Shoes….HOT!

    • basil

      The bottom ones will be black also. They will match the roof color.

      • option 2 ! Hands down ..

  2. basil

    Option #3 added! I have been looking for these type of wheels since seeing them on a few 993s. The size options and color choices are excellent.

    good stuff!

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