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Transaxle setup detail.

Todd over at has started the build of the hybrid, reverse pinion transaxle.  According to Todd,

The hybrid is the best and strongest combo of new factory subaru parts and will give years of good service. I have sold plenty of these to 300hp turbo owners.


“The WRX/STi is the factory gearset and ratios for that engine. The hybrid uses slightly different gearing and post treatment to achieve maximum strength.”


We also decided to add a Torsen Limited Slip Differential.  If we’re going to lay down rubber, might as well have two lines. ;)

Traction graph:

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  1. Awesome spreadsheet! Oh hang on, I wrote that :D

    You’ll probably need to bump up the weight of the car (which includes the driver). My V6 VW Baja is now around 1100kg.

  2. basil

    Wes, Yes – thank you for writing that tool! It’s awesome. I will update the numbers this week and re-post the output.

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