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It takes two to make a thing go right..

Picked up another ’58. Did the math on parts and this was an excellent buy. This thing is a total rust bucket basket case, but it’s got:

  1. all the glass except drivers door
  2. windshield trim
  3. bumpers
  4. lights and chrome ring
  5. front turn signal housings
  6. interior dash parts (+grab handle!)
  7. interior panel trim
  8. ’58 mirror and visor combo
  9. steering wheel
  10. interior and exterior door hardware
  11. internal door hardware
  12. possible donor panels for the rear
  13. front VW button





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  1. It seems like if the cars are not in awesome condition, they all look like this…granted they are old vehicles…but, damn! Are they all been in fires? LOL

    • basil

      lol. This particular “parts car” was sitting out in a field in Nebraska for about 10 years. It’s actually salvageable but someone destroyed it when the put in the wrong nostrils for ’58 low light. I’m going to give it to the body shop as a donor after I get all the good parts off it.

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