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I got a feeling..

..that when this car is done, my conversations about it will go something like this (from the Fast and Furious):

Brian: So what’s your best time?

Dom: I’ve never driven her…

Brian: Why not?

Dom: She scares the shit out of me.

I’ve been reading some of the air cooled related forums and such, and people have  mentioned how fast and scary some 150HP Ghias are (traditional air cooled motors and the 4-cylinder Subarus).  Given the design goals for this project, I think this may be a car that’s too scary to drive.   Seriously.

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  1. Stop being a baby!

    • basil

      Too funny. I’ll need a deposit from you to cover damage to the passenger “hold the f__ on” bar because I got a feeling you’ll be breaking it.

  2. too funny…I plan on driving not just tagging along. Brother needs to get his pinp on.

    • basil

      wait, you know how to drive a stick? and, have you been to Porsche driving school? ;)

  3. Give it to me Buddy I’ll show how to to treat that B__ch! LOL .. Your power to rate ratio is way too out of balance you may be trying some sort of weights in the body at different places to make it drivable on the street at WOT … Yeee Hawww =) don’t forget My Super Beetle had 2276cc full stroker motor with mostly scat parts with the exception of the heads and Carbs .. it would pull a wheelie in first gear and almost hold it through the second gear slam … That is if you could get the tires to hook to the pavement ; )

    • basil

      lol.. I’ve never heard of power to weight being out of balance – I think one just needs to know how to drive. I’m going to need to get back to the farm and dust off my country boy skills before digging into this thing. Finesse is the word!! Should be fun at any rate!

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