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Fuel tank progress

We have great progress on the fuel tank and related work.   We first needed to get the gas tank situation sorted.   We had roughly three options here:

  1. Restore/coat the original 1958 tank.
  2. Find an existing fuel cell and work to fit it into the stock tank location.
  3. Go full custom and fab up exactly what we need.

We were leaning toward option 2 because we liked some of the race car inspired safety features that come with modern tanks.  We didn’t find anything close enough and the pricing, while reasonable was about the same as option 1.   But, we’d need to do some fab work to make a generic tank work.

Option three came in very high – like used Honda Civic high!   It was ruled out. So we checked around for vendors and pricing for a recoat/reseal job and went this route.

We selected Moyer Fuel Tank Renu to get the tank work done.  The original tank had already been modified to add a baffle in the bottom to help with sloshing fuel.  The guys at Moyer split the tank open, prepped and coated all internals including the installed baffle.   It came back as shown in the photo below.  It looks a bit rough, but we knew this going in with Moyer and they have explicitly noted this on their site. “Tank may be painted after the Renu process but must be touch sanded lightly and primed with lacquer primer first.”

Ordered a new sending unit and it was too long as the baffle we added is about one inch from the bottom of the tank.   The Revenant team cut the sending unit and re-welded all of the resistor wires and such to make it fit.  Very clean job!  We’ll need to get another gas cap though.  The original one is pretty banged up.

Tank as it returned from Moyer.

Cut down sending unit

Fuel tank ready to go!

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