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  1. I’ve been following this build for a long time now, but it feels as if it has been ages since an update has come out. I realize project cars like this don’t happen overnight and can have pauses (depending on the person) due to saving up for the next piece or purchase, however, since there hasn’t been an update in so long, I’ve been left wondering whether life circumstances might have resulted in the project being abandoned or sold. Is there any way to find out the future (or lack there of) for the build. It’s without a doubt one of my favorites and would be sad if it weren’t going to reach completion.


  2. basil

    Spencer (and others),

    After the east coast delivery, we stored the car for a few months as we settled on a local builder to finish the project. We had the car moved to the local shop but unfortunately it sat for over a year with zero progress.

    We’ve recently moved it to another builder and we’re happy to say that progress is steadily being made. We will have detailed project and build updates coming over the holiday season.

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